The Go Native Challenge

The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts has asked all member clubs to help to improve the environment for Pollinators by doing the following:

· Support a more diverse habitat for native wildlife by promoting the uses of native plants on residential & civic properties.

· Encourage Gardeners to work with nature, not against it.

· Educate garden club members and the public about the important role that native plants play in our ecosystem.

The Burlington Garden Club is satisfying that request through our very own backyard study of native plants. Members will purchase native plants from a reliable local source, then track and share their experiences over the growing season. Pictures & updates will be posted here and on our Facebook page.

So stay tuned - there’s a lot to learn about our environment. Stay tuned

Challenge Details

What: A backyard study of native plants designed to improve understanding of the important role that native plants play in our ecosystem. Participants will add at least one new native to their garden, track success and share experiences over the growing season.

Who: Open to ALL Club Members

When: Kick-off May 2 runs all growing season

The rules are simple:

  • Select new plants from our list of 6 natives fitting to grow in Burlington; from the Middlesex Conservation District’s annual sale list or another source such as Garden in the Woods or Nasami Farm

  • Plant in your yard.

  • Document the environment

      • Soil - sandy/hummus

      • Light conditions - sun/shade (hours per day).

  • Take care of it as you would any new member of your family

  • Share what you learned

Evaluations & Awards

Coordinators, Jane B and Ruth Y, will visit your garden once mid-season and again at the close of the season. Evaluation will be based on how well the plant is growing and how it is adapting to the environment around it. The awards will be given out at the summer get together which will feature a native plant swap. All participants will receive a native plant even if they do not bring one to swap.


Natives MCC.docx

our plant list

2021-Spring-Catalog MCD.pdf

full list of plants available from Middlesex Conservation